KILLED in CARS: Caldera Lakes – Can’t See the Forest for the Trees (Blackest Rainbow, 2008

Killed in Cars

Probably the best album I heard on my trip today, no album adorns the urban decay of Newark like these screams and blasts of noise. There are several abandoned buildings along the water, and the train, which is mostly silent, traces them quite slowly. It is quite strange to think about these enormous, once beautiful (perhaps still) buildings on the first day people entered them. Most are build brick by brick, and most of the damage has been done to the windows and with spraypaint. I’m sure most of what is left is the brick, although that will go someday. Obviously people think of big storms, earthquakes and the like as the big things with weather, yet it is countless little shifts and forces that destroy mans simple projects. This record, this morning, gave aural illustration to these forces, a way to put into context how young and fragile these towering piles of bricks are. If you have a chance, drive through Newark, St. Louis, and so on. Think about every little brick being stacked by a person, and the lifespan of it if left to the elements. Somehow, this album made me ponderous, and that puts it above most everything else I’ve listened to this week.