Caldera Lakes [Review]

20 Dec 10 – Cassette, Review

The latest C30 from Caldera Lakes – the duo’s fourth tape in nearly as many years – captures the group’s hazy method in its very sound. With a similar biography, the pair veer slightly from the early works of Pocahaunted, and now find themselves in a less continuous musical space influenced by their noisier grammatical education (evoked quite literally in the rabble of the tape’s Semitic segue, “Undefined”). “Contained Etherealness” sounds exactly as the name implies, watery and asthmatic, placing a regular but un-tuneful melody over erased loops of light drones and pit-er-pat percussion; when the vocals arrives a vacated pleasantry, the track telescopes in depth as a the wispy curtain is offset by a resonant body, if as translucent as some Current 93 neophyte. Fittingly given the last reference, side B’s “The Rune Escape” is a sidelong (in the truest, non-teleological sense) séance of chimes, heavy bell, and spoke-hummed lyrics steeped in a high sea of static sizzle, glitched in the crudest sense. The rising vocals repeat a similar logic to the first side, cascading airlessly into a rough-edged analog deconstruction. In oversized clamshell with color transparency. 100 copies. A bold second release for the label. (død Univers cassette, $9 HERE)

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