C30 cassette OUT NOW on død univers

/du002/ Caldera Lakes

Latest missive from this duo with previous releases on Blackest Rainbow, 905, Deathbomb Arc, etc. “A featureless silhouette is glimpsed at the bottom of a shimmering lake. A long lost love is seen through the frosted window of a winter cottage. Always on the outside, always peering inward. Leaning hard against solid matter, you feel you can push right through. Suddenly you can sense the space between the atoms of perceived reality. All at once it is stretched out before you, the passage of eons, life from plasma, the births and deaths of galaxies. To grasp it you must lose it. You are and always were cosmic dust. Insignificant. The detritus of stars.” Folkish vapours sparked by noisy electronics.Pro duplicated and pro printed transparent C30 cassette. Presented in over sized transparent cassette book, with full color artwork printed on transparency.

Edition of 100

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